Florida, Casinos and the Seminole Indians Play High Stakes Poker

Las Vegas style high stakes poker and multimillion-dollar state deficits coincide with the State of Florida and the Seminole Tribe’s gambling casinos rights. Florida now joins California, Nevada, and New Jersey in offering this type of gaming. Limits are abolished, as are gaming hourly restrictions. Play any amount all day. The Seminole Tribe of Florida offers 1360 seats of high stakes poker under this July 1, 2010 new law.

High Stakes No Limit Poker Games for Sport, Profit, and JobsSeveral months earlier during negotiations, the Seminole Tribe agreed to give Florida $150 million to pay for municipal costs that casino visitors might incur as well as for road and emergency maintenance, police, and construction. More people, more jobs, and more money will help the government coffers. This latest deal upholds the Tribe’s exclusive rights to Blackjack, Baccarat, and Chemin de fer card games. A part of the revenue share also goes to education. The Tribe controls duty free tobacco sales at the casinos where smoking is allowed indoors but the poker rooms may be non-smoking. Florida is otherwise ano smokingstate.


Big Money Tournaments featuring Texas No-Limit Poker first entered the top 20 in Nielsen’s TV rating in 2008 and remain very popular.

The Seminole Indian TribeTheSeminole Tribe of Florida’s web pageclaims the Seminole as the only tribe in America who never signed a peace treaty. The Tribe has Head Quarters in Hollywood Florida and covers areas in Big Cypress, Brighton, Coconut Creek, Fort Pierce, Immokalee, Naples, and Tampa. They are self governing with their own police and fire dept. They own Hard Rock Casinos in Tampa and Hollywood Florida as well as Seminole Casinos.

The Seminoles, decedents of Native Americans from the southern US states, created the Seminole Tribe in 1957. They shared language and beliefs but originally were separate tribes.

Gaming is a Multibillion-Dollar Industry to Help Beat the RecessionFlorida may be showing other states how to survive a recession with money from gambling plus hosting large political conventions such as the 2012 National Republican Convention. Florida has one of the highest real-estate foreclosures rates in the country and is betting on this type of gambling being more of a sure thing.

Las Vegas gaming may express recession concerns but Florida as a tourist location has a variety of attractions including beaches, Disney World, baseball and football and ice hockey teams, horse racing, picturesque ethnic towns such asYbor CityandTarpon Springs. No limits poker games will be another attraction.

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